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Genius Weft Bundles Solid Natural Colors

Genius Weft Bundles Solid Natural Colors

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Genius Weft Bundles offer a revolutionary new design that can be cut anywhere on the seam without compromising quality or security.
These extensions are virtually undetectable in the hair! They feature a seam-less construction, and blend well with thin to medium hair that tend to have a harder time hiding tracks, thanks to an ultra-thin track♥
They're attached to your own natural hair using methods that include adhesives or a sew-in technique such as the hidden bead method or other sew in methods!

1 Pack - 50 grams and about 30" wide

For volume 1-2 packs are recommended 
For length & volume 2-6 packs are recommended depending on thickness of hair and the look you're trying to achieve. 
Reach out to me for help determining how much hair you may need for your installation.

My studio is rainbow-licious! &also specializes in natural colors! 
I've been crafting my colorful clip-in hair extensions since 2004 and each strand is expertly hand colored to the highest standards — you won't find better quality anywhere!

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