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Custom Request for Kat


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This is for Kat Only, DO NOT purchase unless otherwise discussed.
Your Custom Order is for a full head custom colored clip in hair extensions set!

1 piece 8" Wide with 4 clips
2 pieces 6" wide with 3 clips per piece
2 pieces 4" wide with 2 clips per piece
2 pieces 1.5" wide with 1 clip pier piece

Length: 18" Long
Colors: The colors of your set are a Dark Vibrant Pink (about 1/3 of the hair) to Light Pastel/Cotton Candy Pink

  • The Edges of the weft also meet the edge of the clips and are sewn tightly to prevent any shedding or tangling from the edges of the weft. This also prevents the edges of the weft from poking out of your hair and being visible while being worn!
  • 100% Human HairĀ 
    Meaning they not only LOOK like real hair, they ARE real hair and can be heatĀ  styled, cut and color as you could with your own natural hair.
  • Ends are blunt cut, meaning no extreme taper/drop off of hair length!

I will message you with confirmation photos before shipment so if you have any adjustments you'd like to be made, we can take care of that before they shipā™„


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including order inquires and custom requests!
E-mail me directly at JessieMarie@jessiemarie.studioĀ 
Text me at (480) 269-6019
If your e-mail is about a current order, Please include your order # in your emailā™„

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