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Violet Orchid Bundle Weave

Violet Orchid Bundle Weave

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Violet Orchid is a hybrid color with her cross tone technology. It combines both a pastel orchid and a vivid violet hue, giving her very unique character!

Each Bundle is hand colored by me, Jessie Marie. This gives a superior quality control as I personally color each strand to the best standard possible with my 16 years of experience creating and coloring hair pieces.

The Details:

  • Mini Bundle (12" Wide Track of Weft)
    or Full Bundle
  • 100% Human Hair
    Meaning they not only LOOK like real hair, they ARE real hair and can be heat styled, cut and color as you could with your own natural hair.
  • Double Drawn, Thick Ends.

Violet Orchid is also available as Clip-ins Here:
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