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Unicorn Ice (10"-30")

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Rainbow magic, meet unicorn magic.
The colors are icy pastel tones to give you a magical appearance! Iridescent with icy tones including icy lavender purple, jade blue, yellow, raspberry red, sapphire blue, Pastel Periwinkle and powder blue, these extensions can easily blend with your hair with their optional root color to give it a magical and unique flair. No one else in the room will have exactly what you're wearing!

Each piece is hand colored by me, Jessie Marie. This gives a superior quality control as I personally color each strand to the best standard possible with my 16 years of experience creating and coloring hair pieces.
  • Each piece is double weft and has a clip that is sewn on by hand with a method that allows the piece to lay flat with a matching colored thread.
  • The Edges of the weft also meet the edge of the clips and are sewn tightly to prevent any shedding or tangling from the edges of the weft. This also prevents the edges of the weft from poking out of your hair and being visible while being worn!

The Details:

  • 5 or 10 Piece set
    10 Piece set is double of the 5 piece set♥
  • Each piece is about 1.5" wide
  • Double Drawn 100% Remy Human Hair
    Meaning they not only LOOK like real hair, they ARE real hair and can be heat styled, cut and color as you could with your own natural hair.
  • Available in Lengths: 10 inch - 30 inch
    Optional Root Color for 12" Hair is 1"-1.5" long and 2-3" long for all other lengths.

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