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🎃Pumpkin's Flame🎃 (12"-18") Full Head Set

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Pumpkin's Flame
is filled with all of Halloween's Best Colors including an optional root color with bright vibrant orange, Neon Light, Intense Metallic Purple with Orange and a blush of pink ends

Skip the salon, damage, commitment and upkeep, not to mention the mess of an at home DIY color!

Each Set is hand colored in my studio♥
This gives a superior quality control as I personally color each strand to the best standard possible with my 17 years of experience creating and coloring hair pieces.

1 piece 10" Wide with 4 clips
1 piece 8" Wide with 4 clips
2 pieces 6" wide with 3 clips per piece
2 pieces 3" wide with 2 clips per piece
2 pieces 1.5" wide with 1 clip pier piece

  • 100% Remy Human Hair 
    Meaning they not only LOOK like real hair, they ARE real hair and can be heat  styled, cut and color as you could with your own natural hair.

  • Available in Lengths: 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch

  • Photos show 4 piece clip in set also available here:
  • https://jessiemarie.studio/products/this-is-halloween-12-18-ombre-colored-human-hair-extensions

  • FAQ

    This set is created using 100% Remy Human Hair.
    That means if you really want to, you can color them.
    You can also heat style as you would with your own hair.
    Since it's 100% Human Hair, no one will know the difference between your hair and your extensions
    The hair I use to create these colorful masterpieces are made with Double Drawn, Remy Quality, 100% Human Hair.
    This hair is that rare, full and lustrous hair!
    Photo from my Facebook Live Demonstration:

    With proper care, this hair will last 2 years or longer!
    Please visit my hair guide page for proper care:The Hair Guide
    The truth is there is no such thing as these hair extension grades and I'm sick of seeing it still being used everywhere. It's literally just a marketing tool. Suppliers use it ambiguously to label their products in a way that expresses, often deceptively, quality. Since these grades are unregulated & without actual quality standards, ratings such as AAAAA+, 7A, or 10A, etc really don’t mean a thing. 🚩🚩🚩If you see these being used, it's usually a HUGE red flag to look elsewhere.🚩🚩🚩 In other words, ignore this hype marketing strategy and rely on verifiable facts like weight, whether the hair extensions are Remy, double drawn and customer reviews.

    Contact me through this form for anything
    including order inquires and custom requests!
    E-mail me directly at JessieMarie@jessiemarie.studio 
    Text me at (480) 269-6019
    If your e-mail is about a current order, Please include your order # in your email♥

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