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Galaxy Ice

Galaxy Ice

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These i-tips have an array of dreamy colors including Purple, Blue, and Periwinkle to Berry Pink—plus the option for root-matching! Without a root color, the bond will remain a shade of blonde♥

•50 Pieces per pack
•Lengths 10" - 14" are .5 gram strands (25 grams per pack)
•Lengths 16" - 18" are 1 gram strands (50 grams per pack)
•Lengths 20" - 24" are 1.4 gram strands (70 grams per pack)

•2-8 packs are recommended for a full head depending on thickness of your own hair, extremely thick hair sometimes require more.
1 pack is enough to add highlights of rainbow to your hair to give it a baby rainbow light look, add a thick chunk of rainbow to your hair or enough to do a peak-a-boo of rainbow hair color for most hair types
These rainbow colored hair extensions are crafted from premium Double Drawn 100% Remy Human Hair, providing durability and the potential to be re-dyed, if desired.
These p
remium human-hair extensions can be styled with the same methods used for your own hair, allowing for maximum versatility and customized looks.
•Optional Root Color is 1"- 2" long  
Add color to your hair without damaging chemicals and upkeep or commitment to any colors! 

These luxurious, Double Drawn Remy Human Hair Extensions are a work of art, exuding sophistication and exclusivity. They boast incredible volume, from clip to end! This allows you to tailor them to fit your own hair while still maintaining a vibrant, show-stopping look♥

Each hair piece is hand colored and crafted in my studio♥ 
Each strand is colored to the best standard possible with my years of experience creating and coloring hair pieces, Since 2004!

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