Double Drawn vs Regular Remy Hair

Here, I demonstrate the use of 10-inch (25.4cm) double drawn and 10-inch (25.4 cm) regular Remy hair for weft hair extensions that I will make clip ins out of.
These extensions go through a process of being combed out and then sewn into a weft using industrial sewing machines before I get them and make them into clip ins!

👉When the hair is “Drawn”, it pulls the shorter lengths of hair out.
Double Drawn Human Hair is drawn twice as much as regular Remy hair before being sewn into a weft, resulting in a more uniform length and thickness throughout the weft as you can see to the left of my photo

✨You essentially get “more hair” of the same length and the price of Double Drawn hair reflects this.

👉On the other hand, Regular Remy hair is typically drawn half as much and may have uneven lengths and thinner ends throughout the weft as you can see to the right of my photo. This results in the hair typically being a lot more affordable.

👌Both types are suitable for use, depending on personal preferences.
Double Drawn hair provides extra hair to work with and can be cut into custom layers for a thicker overall appearance.
😊However, some may prefer the more layered and tapered look of Regular Remy hair, as seen in my "clip n go" clip-in extensions.
✨This is because of the ease of use while blending since Double Drawn hair can take some extra work to blend them in with your own hair.
🛒You can Shop both types of hair on my website!
At the moment my 🔗Clip in Go Pieces are the only pieces Available with Regular Remy hair♥

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