How to Care for Colored Hair (Both Extensions & Your Own Hair)

How to Care for Colored Hair (Both Extensions & Your Own Hair)


Colored Hair Extensions Care

So you're new to colored hair in general or you're just frustrated with trying to keep those bright pigments in your own hair! This Blog will help you learn a bit more about colored hair and colored hair extensions♥

Pastel Silver Rose Gold and Rose Pink Colored Highlights
Colored Clip in Hair Care:

With clip in hair extensions, you don't have as much up keep with your own hair since they just clip in and out. However, keeping up with them is still important.
If you have quality Colored Human Hair Extensions you have to know that it's just like having your own hair colored except you
  • don't have to wash them as much as your own hair,
  • you don't have to spend up to 5 sessions in the salon
    (when you're getting bright vivid colors on your long jet black, naturally dark colored hair you typically have to go in for multiple sessions to help retain the integrity of your hair so it doesn't fry off)
  • and up to 10 hours each session (Ouch! That's a LOT of time to cut into your schedule!) annnd
  • you don't have to chemically damage your hair to get bright gorgeous colors
Even if you have naturally light blonde hair, your hair still takes a beating with vivid colors and dries it out. You may be here because you know first hand.

      With colored clip in human hair extensions, you don't wash them everyday. Only wash them when it's absolutely necessary. Remember, they're human hair, just like your own but they're not attached to your scalp so they don't get all those nutritious oils that make your hair "oily" and help protect the shaft of your actual hair.🧐
     💧When you're taking care of vibrantly colored hair extensions, you want to "wash" them in cooler water only to help keep those cuticles sealed with the color pigment! I quote wash because you really don't want to go about shampooing them. Always wash with a color sealing conditioner, again, in cool water.
     I always start off by dipping the hair in clean cool water a few times to saturate with water and then apply color sealing conditioner and then dunk it in that same water a few times while running my fingers through the hair to rinse it out. For extra measure, I apply more color sealing conditioner and allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing again.
     This is my method to washing them, over time you may find a method that better suites you. Maybe you find running the water is quicker and easier for you.🤷
(From what I have concluded, this uses more water and doesn't saturate the hair evenly with water)

      💨To Dry, you want to lay them flat on a towel and let them naturally air dry. This goes for natural colored hair extensions too.

♨️Just because you CAN blow dry♨️ them in wonderfully hot air, this excessive heat styling does it's damage to not just your own hair but hair extensions too.
Unfortunately for the hair extensions, it doesn't have all the oils your hair does to prolong the life of it from the excessive heat styling.
🏠With dry air conditions within your home, drying them naturally really doesn't take long at all. In my personal experience.
It literally only takes about 10-15 minutes for highlights and 20 minutes-1 hour for full head sets/One Piece & Ponytails to dry.
Just "shake" them out every now and then to see how they're coming along if you're like me and fidgety about it 😅
Otherwise try and wash them before you go to bed or before you take a nap so they're ready when you wake up 🥰


Full Spectrum Rainbow Colored Tape in Human Hair Extensions
     So you're probably like okay, well what about tape ins and I tips!?
I love Them!
(Shown in the second and 3rd photos of this blog are tape-in installations)
Okay so these bad boys are in your hair until you take them out which usually is between every 4-6 weeks.
To keep the color just as long as the hair in your hair you treat it as if your own hair is colored.
😨 But like OMG when I color my own hair, the color starts fading in like a week!
What the heck do I do?!
😌 Relax, that's why you're here!
These tips will not only help prolong the life of your new colored hair extensions but it will for your own as well if you color your own hair as well!
First thing is first! COOL WATER and DO NOT SHAMPOO DAILY, shampoo only as necessary.
(Yes both of these things tie for first place!)

Wash your hair separately from your shower if you need to.
Secondly, sulfate-free shampoos though very effective most of the time, aren't always color friendly.
You must use a color-safe shampoo.

Recently, L'Oreal's line of shampoo/conditioner that is sulfate free, has become my personal favorite. It prolongs the life of the extensions, keeps them slick and smooth and I have found it to be color-safe! It even seals color in!
Shampoo your scalp, not the hair.
While you're rinsing the suds from the soap rinsing through will take care of the rest. For those of you will super oily hair, this tip mmaay help you out a lot.
To do this, simply take small amounts of shampoo and section your hair. Applying these bits of the shampoo directly to your scalp and massage that scalp! and Rinse!
Follow with your favorite color sealing conditioner and you're all set!

For days between shampooing, if you absolutely need to, rinse through your hair with cool water and color sealing conditioner.
It helps freshen up your hair and keeps it away from excessive shampooing. Pretty simple right?!

Now for all and any colored hair, YES you may heat style and use a bunch of hair spray however it damages your own hair as well as hair extensions. It also creates excessive fading of literally any hair color, not just vivid bright colors.

If you must, use color-safe heat protector mists, keep heat to a low, and please for the sake of all and any hair, keep styling products to a minimum.
It clings to pigment as well as natural hair oils and pulls it right out of the hair.

& FOR ALL AND ANY HAIR! Did you know that trimming your hair extensions when they begin to tangle helps prolong their life? Just like your own hair, they get split ends too! ♥

Still have questions?
I'll help to the fullest of my abilities, if I personally don't have an answer off hand for you I will find an answer! Feel free to drop a comment on this blog or contact me here:

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This is SO helpful! Thank you! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤎🤍 I frigging LOVE my pretty, bright, colorful clip-ins and needed to know how to wash them because I accidentally abused the crap out of my first set. Also, it never dawned on me to use a heat protecting mist on them because I do like curling them with my hair. You rock woman!! Thanks for existing!


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